Three days ago, with me comfortably resting upon the floor of my lounge, surrounded by the sounds of Damien Jurado‘s album Saint BartlettI could only lay there while simultaneously float away.

It has taken me three days to work up to feeling that I can blog about this album and even now I don’t quite feel up to it. There is so much here I would love to draw your attention to, so many subtleties wafting and intertwining through these songs and I have only barely begun to scratch the surface for myself.

Sway rhythmically to the stereo clapping in the song Cloudy Shoes; wonder about the beautiful conversation between two characters in Rachel and Cali; fall in song love with a love song for Kansas City; and be gentled by the finespun quality of Damien’s voice in Beacon Hill as he sings beautiful words placed with perfect simplicity through line after line of heart-felt poetry.

One of my favourite things about this man’s music is that he seems to be having a conversation with me when he sings, it feels effortless, as though I am a good friend who he is sharing his thoughts on life with. Thanks Damien, look forward to sharing more with you buddy!

When thinking of Saint Bartlett, the word masterpiece comes to mind…

Cloudy Shoes:
Rachel & Cali:

Damien Jurado can be found on myspace, his website and even flickr

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