hi, i’m nate!

it’s my great pleasure to welcome you to my page. here you can enjoy my new music, podcast, journal and more.

i’d love to hear from you, so please do say hi! thanks for being here, i appreciate you

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Hi there!

I’m nate, and it is my great pleasure to welcome you to my world, please, make yourself at home.
Enjoy my new music, podcastblog, livestreaming, stories and more!
Thank you for your presence, I appreciate you ♥

I have no words to thank you enough! There were tears falling in my cheeks ALL the concert and on my way back home I was just laughing of joy and feeling thankful for everything in life


Audience member, Mexico City

one hell-of-a performer. friendly, warm, full of passion and stories, he brings you in and takes you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

Rafe Offer

CEO & Founder, Sofar Sounds

“I thank you for helping to heal me and let love bloom in my heart. It wasn’t there. Now it is, and some times there’s so much it overflows.”


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