This poem talks about sex and God in a way that really works for me. I posted it on facebook and a friend wrote to me saying that for her the word ‘fuck’ is the opposite of the love that comes with God…I so appreciate her opinion and this is what I replied:

As far as the poem goes, for me she is bringing back the animal wildness into something which religion has attempted to tame. When she uses the word ‘fuck’ it reminds me that love can be wild and passionate and untamed, that God was never meant to be clinical, predictable and white, but God encapsulates everything, all the dirty, uncomfortable, moist, underground and wild places as much as the light and the clean. SO, for me Love and God are both described well by ‘fuck’ in the context she uses it in:).

What do you think, is it possible to be visceral, wild and earthy while still being in communion with your idea of God?

Sacred Sex

Couple Making Lovepictures by Alex Grey

PS: I am not at all religious, I believe in spirit and depth and passion and the divinity inherent within every particle of existence…that is what I call God: The sacred feminine, the sacred masculine, the divine dance of yin-yang, of life and death.

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