I don’t know exactly when this started but suddenly people keep telling me words which have my name in them.

Some of my favourite (and least favourite) so far:

  • orNATE
  • impregNATE (oh dear god please no)
  • lamiNATE
  • illumiNATE
  • fasciNATE
  • procrastiNATE (guilty, hehe)
  • resoNATE
  • reincarNATE
  • inNAte

Can you add any more? If you run out of ideas, I’ve found the ultimate resource: a list of 586 words containing my name…ain’t google magnificent?

Let me know if you find any good ones and we can coordiNATE an indiscrimiNATEly ogygeNATEd comment frenzy!

Hells YEAH (my favourite new term)
Nate (the illumiNATEd Native)

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