There’s this story, this beautiful, inspiring, uplifting and simple story, which has been passed around from person to person for some time. I heard it in South Africa and eventually wrote a little song about it, called Thinking Of A Starfish. A lovely woman named Yael, who I met on my travels, fell in love with the story and made the comic you see below.

To put it simply, the story is about the impact little positive actions can have. Even if you only help one little starfish, that starfish really appreciates it and it MATTERS!

SO, why am I telling you all this? Because Eli, one of the Nateives tribe, recently coined the hashtag #starfishsuperhero, and I simply love it! It’s a gentle and loving reminder to do our little (or big) bit when we can, because it matters and it counts…and also to give thanks to those who have done little -or big- things which have made big differences in our lives.

Any time one of those moments comes along I invite you to use the #starfishsuperhero hashtag and tell the world about it, thus spreading the good vibes everywhere!

Here’s the song that I wrote about the story:

Stay gorgeous all you lovely starfish superheroes!!!

Warm hugs

PS: what are your stories of being a #starfishsuperhero, or being helped by one? Let me know in the comments below!


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