I want to wake up every day feeling sparkly. I want to eat wholesome, organic, free range, loved meals. I want to meditate, do yoga, practice singing, learn music theory, write a journal, manage my money better, heal my back so I can surf again….I wanna do so many things. What I’ve come to realise is that the things I struggle to do the most are all the things which directly affect my personal well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So, why is it so easy for me to spend my days connecting with people all over the world and creating music to inspire and connect…yet so hard to do my personal practices which would impact my own life in a positive way?

There is something in me which craves my failure, feels safe when I’m not living up to my potential. There is a monster in my skin, sharing space and grabbing hold of the controls. This mental construct must have served me at some point, must have protected me from a world I couldn’t deal with. But now it’s just a monster, devouring energy and defecating sticky glue known as procrastination.

I have this image of me as I want to be. I’m not quite there yet.

And then, this thought arises:

“What if I love myself?”

Along with that thought came the thoughts I speak about in this short video:

I have faith that where I am right now is perfect, who I am is ok, the road has a beautiful view and things are working out as they’re meant to.

I leave you with this question:

How would you treat yourself if you imagined you were someone you loved?

Yours in music and enthusiasm for exploring the shadow as well as the light

PS: the photo at  the top of this post is where I’m sat right now, at a little juice bar in Southern California, waiting for the train to take me to Los Angeles. Troubadour is awandering. Played guitar on a beach last night with a stranger, watching the sun set over San Diego (which means, according to Anchorman, “A Whale’s Vagina”). Amazing 😉

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