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Arnold Shapiro

$10 08/03/2020

Saw you at Spiritfest. I loved the authenticity and the deceptive simplicity of your message.


Lara Polley

$5 09/10/2019

Loving your good vibes from deep in the Amazon at our retreat centre The Garden of Peace.. cheers mate well done, you make good medicine.


martine thuaire

$10 18/09/2019

Jessica Allossery

$100 10/09/2019

Love you Nate. And I love so much and cherish the gifts you bring into this world, just simply by being you. <3


Lacy Donovan

$100 28/08/2019

Thank you! You’ve inspired me more than you can know!



$50 27/08/2019

I follow you on Twitter and everyone just needs things to go right sometimes. Good luck with your music!!

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