A long time ago a powerful king called two of his closest advisors before him and told them to go into the world, then return to him and tell him what they discovered about the people they met.

After some time had passed the two advisors returned and stood again before their king. The first adviser loudly exclaimed, “I am so grateful to be safely home! You sent me to a place filled with rude and inhospitable people. I am never leaving here again!”
“Well, the place you sent me to was not like that at all,” enthused the second advisor to the king, “everyone I met was friendly and kind and I had one beautiful experience after another! I cannot wait to return to visit the friends I made!”

The wise King leaned back in his throne and looked down at his two advisors for several minutes. Then, leaning forward with a gentle smile, he said, “I sent you both to the same place.”

Rainbow Gathering beautiful people

my kind of people, I find them wherever I go

Just a little something for you to think about: Be aware that your senses and experiences will do their best to prove everything you believe internally. If you believe the world is full of scary people, they will be there, scary as all hell breaking loose (also be aware that the -so called- “News”, Radio, Media, Television, etc is structured to maintain that belief…scared people stay in the box).

If you believe -as I do- that people are inherently kind, those you encounter in your own universe WILL BE KIND! –disclaimer: this is completely from my own personal experience, I cannot speak for anyone but myself. The overwhelming 99.9% of people I have interacted with in my life (sometimes at midnight in strange cities halfway across the world digging through dumpsters) have all been helpful, kind, loving and selfless.

I leave you with a quote…

The traveller is the journey, what we see is not what we see…but who we really are

…and a song

Thanks to whoever first told me this story…I don’t remember you but I’m grateful:).  Thanks to my dad for the quote and to Barry Lategan for telling it to my dad.

Go and be kind
See you again soon:)

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