Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy to share the shadow side of my experiences as well as the light…

And then this happens: This morning I shared on this blog that my first Cape Town show in nearly three years might not happen, and how sad I felt about that. As soon as I wrote it I felt better, I let go, I accepted and knew that whatever was meant to happen would happen.

Immediately after sharing, people started sending me the most lovely kind-hearted messages, blowing my heart wide open (again…my fans seem to be good at doing that to me, yay).

And then a benefactor, who has chosen to remain anonymous, purchased the last 8 tickets, to be offered to anyone who couldn’t afford tickets but wanted to come. Two have gone to an old best friend of mine who is short on cash and another two are going to a soon-to-be-wed couple whose money is all tied up in their marriage plans and couldn’t afford tickets. THIS IS AWESOME AND EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT HUMANITY!

So, four tickets available to anyone who can NOT afford to buy them. We will be releasing some more tickets for sale by tomorrow, so never fear. If you can afford them and want to come, please wait for those. If, however, you wanna come but are short on cash, then get in touch!

This is how magic happens. Thank you to our secret fairy godmother from afar and thank you to all my beautiful community for holding me so gently in your loving global embrace.

Whatever I did to deserve such incredible people in my world, I hope my presence brings those blessings back to you ten thousand times.

Your troubadour

PS: this whole experience made me think of that John Lennon quote. It wasn’t easy to share my truth, my sadness, this morning…but look at the kind of people who are responding. You’re my tribe, I fucking LOVE you people!

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