I reverse psychologized myself: I’ve been writing again; this is funny, because I said to my sister I was going to stop for a while to focus on other things. The next day I wrote two songs and now I’m working on a third. I should reverse psychologize myself more often!

Here are some lyrical extracts for your viewing pleasure, all titles are temporary and liable to change:) (I also found pretty pictures to go with the words, ain’t the internets lovely)

Your Name Is Like A Wave

You smell like the ocean, of salt and freedom
And your name is like a wave,
Crashing through until it breaks,
I lose my last chance not to fall in love with you

Breathtaking Photo of Wave

From The Country

I’ve lived in the city, city all around me,
No-one was naked in the rain.
It seemed as though the people compounded all their troubles,
Compressed them into concrete and to pain

City Rush

Build A Home With Me

If I will be your key will you be my chest
And hold close everything I hold sacred?
If you will be my lungs, I’ll be your air
You can breathe me in, now you know I care.

Monk Meditating

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