A few months ago I met this rad guy Ben while taking part in a competition I went on to lose…except I DIDN’T lose, I won, cos I got to meet Ben, who is a legend working hard at spreading the word about music he believes in.

Ben is hilarious, engaging and smart and I love spending time with people like him, so when he asked to interview me for his ‘Sitting Room Tour‘ I jumped at the chance. What followed was a day of extreme fun, laughter and happy times. And you can watch all the best parts below!

Ben was also kind enough to shoot and edit three full videos of me playing some of my songs (two of which were written with support of The Nateives on Patreon, I am proud to say). Check ’em out below!


Thanks Ben for being such a lovely dude, thanks to The Nateives for supporting my art (you get some shoutouts in the video) and thanks to everyone all over the world listens to my music and sends me such beautiful messages!

Love to all

PS: all my music is available online for free (or whatever price you choose). Writing, recording and sharing my art with my community is my full-time job, taking a lot of time, energy and resources. If you would like to support me in that, please consider becoming a patron of my art on Patreon: http://patreon.com/natemaingard

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