If you’ve been to any of my recent shows, you will have heard this song. It’s called Home and I began writing it while on my last tour. It’s kind of funny, because two days before I began writing it I had told my sister Lucinda that I’d decided not to write any more new songs and just focus on consolidating everything I already had. Then I wrote two songs in a day and started a third…reverse psychology is a bitch, hehe (will be uploading another song within a week, watch this space).

Anyway, the song Home is definitely a country as well as indie/folk song, as it’s about being from the country and what that feels like for me. I come from Scarborough, a little village at the top of Africa, and I grew up with a lot of time to explore the mountain and the ocean, which is why I talk about them.

I’ve been fighting with schools and society about being barefoot for as long as I can remember, so that is a theme which runs throughout the song: I always know I’m in a place which doesn’t totally suit my vibe when I have to wear shoes:).

Anyway, check out the video of the song, which I uploaded yesterday…just recorded on my little smart phone. Lyrics are below and can also always be reached by clicking here.

What do you think? Can you relate? Are you from the country, have you lived in the city and felt what I felt? I’d love to hear your thoughts:).

Thanks for being here!

Growing up was easy, taking life slowly
Ocean and mountain were my friends
I was in no hurry, shoes were never near me
Barefoot and naked in the rain

I know you well
I know you well
I know you well
Home x3

I’ve lived in the city, city all around me
No-one was naked in the rain
It seemed as though the people compounded all their troubles
Compressed them into concrete and to pain

I see you crying, people walk by it doesn’t  make much sense to me
I see you crying, why don’t you try to come on home with me

Come on
Home x4

Everyone who meets me, they know I’m from the country
I am proud of everything that I have learned
Everywhere I travel, I love all those people who get
Naked and crazy in the rain

I know you well
I know you well
I know you well
Home x3

Come on

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