Yup, you read it right, I just told you that I need you.

I’m doing that thing, that scary scary thing of asking for help, of acknowledging that I am no island, and I can’t do what I do without YOU reading this right now.

If not you, then who? Who else is going to step up and support my music, which sings of open-heartedness, authentic human connection, slowing it down,  feeling deep emotions and embracing all the cycles of life, death and everything in between?

Many musicians are making money running ads on their videos. I don’t use web ads and never will!!! Why? Because I believe that ads are almost always trying to convince us that we are not ok, but if we buy their product, we will be!!!

It’s a lie and I don’t want any part of it. Ads are not worth the attention they steal.

You, my dear reader, are already perfect and buying crap you don’t need ain’t a solution you need!

I believe that ads are parasites sucking the life out of the experience of the art you love…and I need your support on Patreon so that we can afford the luxury of not annoying the world with ads! Basically, Every $1 pledged is a whole lotta ads we can just entirely NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH, oh YAY🎉!!!

You know, all my music is online, you can stream it for free. You can listen on youtube, soundcloud, spotify, anywhere you like, with my blessing, truly!

What this means though, is that if you can afford $1 a month and you love my music, then I need you to support by becoming my patron now:

Become a Patron!

You reading this, yes YOU: Every action you take -no matter how small- matters! If you pledge, and others do the same, you will be voting for a different world, a world where art with integrity, honesty and vulnerability is given true value again!

Imagine if just 10,000 those who love music from around the world pledge $1! I’ll be able to record more music, do more touring, create more special creations just for you…and basically just bring more of what you love to you and to more people who need it!

Let’s remind the world that there is an alternative to the mass-produced plastic consumer culture we are being sold!!!

I’m making this as simple and straightforward as I can…because I need you and I don’t want to pretend that I don’t.

I’m not asking you to click like, or comment, or share in this moment.

Now is the time for action, so please visit Patreon and pledge now:

Become a Patron!

It all counts, it all matters

All the love
Your troubadour

PS: one last thing —> even a $1 pledge gets you downloads of over $50 worth of music, including all my unreleased home recordings, which are ONLY AVAILABLE ON PATREON! That’s only one of the special rewards for my patrons, so check the rest out now: http://patreon.com/natemaingard

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