If you’re connected with me on facebook chances are good you have already downloaded this new song (Braver & Stronger), but I thought you might like to see the video to go with it anyway. Also, here’s a link to download an mp3 version without me speaking in the beginning, so you just get the song…I hope you enjoy.

What do you think of it so far? It’s still growing and changing, any thoughts on directions you think it could take? Already I’ve added a piece where I talk about brewing some tea, which was a key missing element, hehe:P.

You’re braver and stronger than me
You throw back the door
See the wolves in the snow
Say the free have been here and gone
You step aside smiling and watch me stride into the storm

Walking til I’m home
Steady, though tired
I’m not alone

We choose to be alone
When it seems we’re most weak
When the tame come to save we have wolves
Sleeping warming our
Feet, speak to ground, lead to heart
The greatest: there is never a sense
Of being apart

Walking ’til I’m home
Steady, though I’m tired
I’m not alone

Brew tea on the back porch
Don’t need much more than this
The woods in the spring
And the bird know your name on my
Lips, sing storms a lullaby
There’s not much to do
So I lay down and kiss you

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