Dear fans, friends, and family (hi Papa, I know you’re reading this)

I have a new song, which has received huge positive responses from the last few audiences I’ve played it for.

This song is about hope and the idea that happiness (love) is not a destination but a journey in itself, plus it’s always right where we need it (inside us). We also get all these challenges to help us expand our capacity for feeling. At least, so I think.

As Buddha said:

There is no way to happiness

Happiness is the way.

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Here are the lyrics:

If I woke up floating on the ocean
I would be hoping
Because hoping is a remedy
Combined with arms I’m blessed to have to move me
And faith I’d find the shore


I am one of those who share this hopeful world view
Love is all we have; we have nothing we can lose
Let love out and let love in
Let love play and let love win
Let love out and let love in
Let love play and let love win

When I woke up left by her I trusted
My heart was busted
Now it’s reconstructed
Larger thanks to scars that stretched it
Wider, wider, wider than before


Oh you wandering soul
You have found a home
Oh you wandering soul
Nobody is ever alone
You are not alone

When I slept I dreamed I saw so clearly
Thought I was really, oh so well adjusted
I awoke and now have all my senses
So I’ll stay curious, all of my days


That’s all folks! Feel free to share freely!

Yours in new music

PS: remember, you can download the song for a limited time by clicking here.

PPS: I love hearing from you, so let me know what you think in the comments below!

A Pink Heart Scarf of Love

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