Josh Ritter blows my mind every single time I listen to his music. His lyrics are beyond incredible. His songs sing perfect stories with so many layers they take me ages of intent attention to dive deep within their meanings.

When I first heard the song The Temptation Of Adam on Josh’s 2010 Daytrotter Session, I felt things shift, I felt pieces of my heart shiver and my eyes begin to glow with the light of a new-found love affair. The song is about  love in isolation, a man and woman crawling into a nuclear silo to hide from the potential World War Three outside. He loves her instantly and she falls in love with him over time. He doesn’t ever want them to leave because he feels that their love may fail if they take it out of the safety of the silo. The temptation is to push the button and launch the nuclear missile, so  beginning world war and meaning they have to stay safe in their love underground. It is one of my favourite songs of all time.

Also please download the daytrotter session for free here and listen to The Curse and Another New World, both incredible stories in song!

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