Music is magical because it is an ethereal art form. It only exists during the time it is being performed.

Over the last few days I spent a few hours making something, using my hands, my father’s knowledge, some tools and a piece of wood.

My favourite part is that it was always gonna be a gift for my dad, and he thought I was making it for myself. He was pretty surprised when I handed him the finished spoon and said, “Here, this is yours.”

Here are some photos to give you the story of a spoon in the making, click to enlarge and read the full captions:

One of the things I most enjoyed about this process was the sheer physicality of it. Every stroke of my hand, every slice of the chisel, it was all a tangible experience, having a clear outcome visible immediately. I went too deep with the chisel in one place, and then had to spend ages sanding that chip out. Every action has an equal reaction.

I am going to be working with my hands more in this way. It feeds something deep in my heart and soul, a part of me separate from the busyness of a hyper-connected world. I connect back into my Self; my calm, focused, steady attentiveness and desire to bring beautiful things into this world blooms again.

Are you a Maker? What do you make? Do you knit, draw, craft, sew, crochet, work with ceramics? What what what??? Tell me your story :).

Thank you for reading, I wish you a magical life.
Your troubadour

PS: To answer @wadevanstaden’s question on instagram: If I were to cover a cheesy, guilty pleasure pop song, it would probably be Toxic, by Britney Spears ;). Feel free to keep the questions coming :D.

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