I just can’t do it…fuck it, it just doesn’t sit right in my heart. Putting ads on my videos, pasting ads on my site. I just can’t, it’s not right, it’s not from the right place and it doesn’t feel like the way I wanna live in this world.

Been feeling so heavy since that blog post yesterday, nasty weight in my chest, bad taste in my mouth.

One of the big things I’ve been seeing in myself for the last while is a whole HEAP of fear. Fear that I won’t have enough, fear that I am not enough, fear that I can’t change the things I want to change, fear that I’m a fake, fear of failure, fear that my physical ailments are incurable, fear that I’m always going to let myself down…the list goes on and on.


I can’t live a life of fear, doing the things I don’t feel right doing, hoping they’ll protect me from the things I’m scared of in my life.

Well, it ain’t right and I’m not going ahead with that part of it, no siree.

My journey is not to close down further, it’s to open up to trust, to faith, to belief in humanity and abundance.


Where to from here?

Yes, I still need to grow my income to grow my music…and I’m gonna do that, by offering more of what I love and sharing with the people who find peace, learning and value in it!

  1. As I said before, I’ll be back in South Africa playing live festivals, tours, intimate shows, etc again, from December, woohoooo!
  2. Keep sharing songs, videos, covers, vlogs, blogs, dreams, poems, tears, laughter, ALL THE THINGS I BELIEVE IN SO DAMN MUCH IT HURTS!
  3. Play online shows, sometimes free, sometimes Pay What You Can, always with love in my heart.
  4. ALSO, thanks to Spread Your Talent, I am offering one to one mentoring for people who want my advice and insight on building a successful creative business in the way I have done:

Spread Your Talent - Nate Maingard

In short: I’m going to share what I love with all my heart and have faith that all I need is already on it’s way to me.

Wish me luck :D.

That’s it for now, hehe. Thanks for being on this wild ride with me, learning every day.

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PS: if you want to join the tribe, raise the vibe and share in the magic in the best ways possible, check out the rewards and joy of my Patreon page: http://patreon.com/natemaingard.

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