Ok, so you may not think much of likes, but they mean something to me: To me they are a clear sign of how hard I’ve worked at playing my songs with passion and integrity and it’s a sign of all the beautiful people I have met along the way and who love what I do enough to make the effort to connect.

I am so grateful and stoked! Sending a limited edition badge to the 600th liker (that’s you Debbie) 🙂

So much thankfulness to Janene, Alexander and the rest of the beautiful people who were at last night’s secret house gig. We had candlelight and silent moments, epic views and croaking frogs. It was a night to be remembered for always. Thank you thank you thank you!

I’m back in Jozi today, going to go hang out at Tanz Cafe tonight to listen to some of my favourite bands playing an incredible showcase evening! Those include Laurie Levine and Plush, yeessssss!

Then, it’s off to Newcastle tomorrow to play another fabulous gig, this time at the Pint & Pigout, already excited:).

As always, much love

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