Indie Folk Album The Wild Land Front CoverMy friend Jessica sent me a message today saying that she’d read a review of my album in this month’s Rolling Stone Magazine SA!

I asked if she could send me a photo, which she has kindly done. So, here is Tecla Ciolfi’s review of my debut album The Wild Land (2011), for your reading pleasure.

and here are the tracks to listen to while you read…in case you wanted to:).

Nate Maingard album review in Rolling Stone Magazine

only one thing: the lyric is “where sex it breathes”, not breeds, hehe;)

I think this is a well written review and I’m super stoked with Tecla’s insights. My favourite part is when she talks about my limited range, because that is one of the things which has expanded the most in the last year, and on my new album I sing in falsetto on a few of the tracks, having pushed my boundaries a lot in that area. At almost every show this year people have commented on how broad my range is, which is always a surprise to me, because a year ago it wasn’t! How incredible, it’s truly amazing to look back at an album I released just over a year ago and realize that I have come VERY far in that short space of time…yet, as this review makes clear, I started on a solid foundation from the get-go:).

I’m still up in Grahamstown, having been very sick with flu…I think I’ve also just burned out a little bit after the intensity of the last year, so these few days in bed have been much needed and I’m feeling far better already! Phew!

Anyway, it’s been a great trip. My first official appearance on the Fringe at Grahamstown National Arts Festival and I sold over fifty albums, received my first standing ovation, was awarded a Standard Bank Ovation Award (given to performances of innovation and excellence) and even appeared in the festival’s Cue Newspaper (twice in one day). So, pretty stoked:).

See y’all back in Cape Town soon for my last shows, sadly had to cancel my Thursday show due to this flu keeping me in gtown!

Big love awesome people
yours in music

PS: thanks again to Jessica for letting me know about the review, I may never have known otherwise, hehe;). 

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