My lovely friend ScarletNguni has won the Liebster Blog Award and passed it on to me, for which I am happily grateful! Thank you for believing in my blogging prowess, you rock too (see her incredible review of a recent show I played with some friends)!

The Liebster -meaning ‘dearest’- Award is for bloggers to share with their fellow bloggers who have less than 200 followers (I have more than 200, but only because of twitter, which doesn’t count). I’m not going to lie, I have no idea whether the people I’m nominating have more than 200 followers or not…I don’t think they do, but whether they do or not, they deserve to be awarded for their awesomeness…so there!

Once you receive the award you have to

  1. link back to the person who gave it to you (done)
  2. add five bloggers who you’re giving the award to
  3. place to liebster award banner on your blog somewhere
  4. assume that the bloggers you’ve awarded will themselves award their favourite five and keep the happiness rolling on

The five I think you should check out asap are, in no particular order:

    • Beelily’s Weblog – Lily is an incredibly intrepid traveller who has cycled solo across North America, hitch-hiked on boats and done many other exciting and inspiring gypsy activities. I love how she writes and I love how she makes me want to live life in a way which works for me, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it.
  • Enjoy My Adventure – As someone who has always struggled with the complexities of drawing stick men, I have a very high regard for illustrators and other artists. Enter Anne, the girl who’s following her dreams and blogging about her beautiful creations.
  • SMU-Silk– She found me through google and started following my blog. When I checked hers out I was instantly impressed at the quality and general obscurity of the music she recommends on her blog. Indie music all the way!
    • Sparrow Canyon Illustrations –  Another illustrator, this time working in black ink, his work is mind-blowing and he is currently illustrating a poem his friend wrote of the Gospels, which will end with him having done about 240 illustrations. Amazing!
    • Crystal Mountain Music – home base for a collective of musicians who are all authentic and awesome! Vows and Nillo & Flashman Irving are two of the bands involved and their music is so great, with such passion for what they do…love the vibes!

That’s about all folks, thank you again to ScarletNguni for the award and the general support, you’re awesome:)

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