I didn’t know a heart could break in more ways than I have fingers to count. I didn’t know that sometimes it is joy which can shatter all the confines I’ve placed upon the beating in my chest. I didn’t know that emotions could bleed out and we could all swim in the ocean created when our hearts melted.

I do now…

Last night was this year’s farewell London show for The Lyrical Nomads, and it was OFF THE FUCKING HOOK! As someone today said, it was as much a ceremony as it was a concert. We wept, laughed, sang and danced into the night. We screamed and shook and celebrated the liberation of choosing love and honest humanity.

What next?

So now, the nomads are wandering on winter adventures. Many of us going to Tenerife, and some to South Africa, New Zealand, Italy and more. Our aim is to gather again in May/June and see what this next year brings us. We may need a bigger venue for our next show ;).

The Lyrical Nomads only officially existed since earlier this year. Most of the tribe gathered in Tenerife, while I was back in South Africa. We knew that the feeling of love and joy we got when sharing our music together was something we wanted to do more of…and so we decided to all gather in London again in June and consciously create magic together.

The months since our first show back have been FILLED with a Divine energy, a spark of motion which has carried us from one incredible experience to another. We played at a birthday festival in ancient castle ruins, we howled at the moon, we played to 150 friends in a 14th century church in London, we danced at Morning Gloryville (A LOT), we cuddled endlessly, we swam naked and sang around the fire in the Cornish countryside. More than anything, we have shared our truth, our vulnerability, love, fears, laughter and nakedness with an ever expanding tribe of friends and soul family.

So here’s why I am ‘too blessed to be stressed’:
Because in every place I look, the reflection of me I see is so beautiful that it invites me to recognise the beauty in myself more.

Thank you my family, my vibe tribe, my Lyrical Nomads, my Morning Gloryville hip shakers, my patron Nateives and all of you who I have not yet met who hold the flame of my soul in your hearts.

I Am because you Are.

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PPS: if you were there last night, PLEASE share your photos and videos with us on facebook, twitter, intragram, etc. You can tag on instragram: @lyricalnomads @natemaingard @samgarrettmusic @roamanmusic @lookitsnyoh @sa.ta.na.ma @jessesheehanmusic @thomas.james.smith

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